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Drillcorpio (Model Df)



Drillcorpio (Df) is a self-navigating drilling robot. With its advanced capabilities, Df is capable of performing drilling tasks on various surfaces including floors, ceilings and walls. It can drill holes autonomously according to the drilling plan imported from layout drawings. With the auto-navigation technology, Df can move autonomously throughout the work area, dynamically adjusting its path to avoid obstacles and ensure safety.



    Drill Target Positioning Method:
  1. Layout Drawing
  2. Basepoint Positioning
  3. Manual Selection from Camera Image
  4. Visual Markings (Predefined shapes only)

*CSC ROBO reserves the right of final interpretation

Drillcorpio (Model Df) has been adopted for use in both public and private projects by various contractors.

  1. Yuen Long Effluent Polishing Plant
  2. Site Office - Chain link fence

✔ Obtained CE Certification

Drillcorpio (Model Df) can get up to 70% of the CITF funding.
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